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Pleased to meet you. I am a creator, writer, visionary, and (depending on my sleep pattern the night before) a descendant of Orwell. I wish I was on a remote island right now, I can’t write effective stories during a semester, and if you watch closely you’ll see that I never talk before a thought.

Deep thought has brought me to my current state. I can’t stop it, which is why I wake up at odd hours (hello 5 am! What’s for breakfast?). It is my own belief that the more creative ideas roam around in my head (good or bad) the further I drift from reality.

I dream of living my dream yet my greatest fear is that I will settle for stability. Creativity disrupts stability, so I push for unrest; paddling to stay right but being pulled left.



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Ninety-Seconds for Life

Mural of the unscathed mind, 

read me a line from my demise. 

And if you could be so kind as to 

write with red ink from the souls of 

beings who have been reprimanded 

for romanticism, skin color, or faith. 

My faith has brought me here today, 

in a way in which can only be written for 

grand screens. 

Utopian scenes haunt me in my sleep. 

For the sake of humanity, in another life, 

I write stories. 

For the sake of a family, 

I share experiences that would, otherwise,

be characterized as ‘not-real’ if not for 

three letters. 

For the sake of those who do not believe, 

I walk the blocks of a concrete jungle, 

heavy optimism in tote: 

Someone else did it here;

written before the eyes of God. 

I will too. 

written by: Randy Brown Jr. 

I’ve decided to launch a monthly web series. The videos will be based on my experiences as a newbie in New York.

This is not the same as my “5-Rules” videos with Ricky Rockefeller. This is more suited for audiences who are interested in the arts. I can’t wait to see how this first one turns out.

I will release the first video in 2 weeks: Thursday, September 18, 2014. I will only post the series on Tumblr and Facebook. Stay tuned! 

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