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Pleased to meet you. I am a creator, writer, visionary, and (depending on my sleep pattern the night before) a descendant of Orwell. I wish I was on a remote island right now, I can’t write effective stories during a semester, and if you watch closely you’ll see that I never talk before a thought.

Deep thought has brought me to my current state. I can’t stop it, which is why I wake up at odd hours (hello 5 am! What’s for breakfast?). It is my own belief that the more creative ideas roam around in my head (good or bad) the further I drift from reality.

I dream of living my dream yet my greatest fear is that I will settle for stability. Creativity disrupts stability, so I push for unrest; paddling to stay right but being pulled left.



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Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend of 16 months just broke up with me. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and now I don't know what to do. My baby and him were all I've ever had and he wants me to adopt the baby out. I don't know what to do I'm so lost.

I answered:


I can only imagine how scared you are right now. The first thing you need to do is find support outside of your ex-boyfriend, someone to speak to. If you find that you don’t have any friends &/or family you think you can lean on, then even making an appt with a counselor would likely prove to be beneficial to you. A lot of hospitals will also offer groups for pregnant women & there are countless online communities/forums for single women who are pregnant/single parents. Honestly, at least while you are deciding what you really want to do concerning your pregnancy, I would distance myself from that ex, because he could influence you into something you don’t actually want to do. Remember that ultimately, what you do here is your choice & not his. You are the one that would be carrying this child to term, giving birth to the child, & you would likely wind up being the one with the bulk of the responsibility in child-raising, so you need to make the choice that works for you & also makes you happiest. If deep down, you want to keep this baby, then you fucking keep it. There is a lot of support out there for single parents, you just have to look for it. Right now you really need to surround yourself with people that make you feel empowered instead of lost. That’s important here & I want you to know that if you ever need anyone to speak to at all, about anything at all, you can ALWAYS come to me off anon & I will respond to you privately as quickly as I can. You don’t have to do any of this alone, no matter what choice/s you end up making. Never be afraid to reach out, because more people care than you would ever believe. Stay strong & do what you think is best & what feels right to you & don’t just blindly do what he wants because you feel like you have no other options left. You always have other options.

Also, here’s a few advice articles along with stories from other women that you might find helpful right now. Good luck in whatever path you take. xx





I’m starting a new process for my second novel. Instead of diving in and writing the entire thing at one time, I am breaking the book up into a series of short stories.

Each story will be about a character from the book. To help me along the way, I am purchasing signature crafted journals for every character. The goal is to grow with these people, become close to these people; all of this so that I don’t fail them on paper. It is my responsibility to share their personal stories with the world.

This will be a gift and a curse; some of my characters are deeply disturbed…ah hell, so are we. I’m channeling my inner J.D. Salinger. Here comes the wind…”

E.L. Winston




Save the date! Spread the word! And kick off the Brooklyn Book Festival and Bookends week with Tumblr, recommendedreading, penamerican, and buzzfeedbooks!

We’ll have Karl Ove Knausgård “My Struggle” Mad Libs with kickstarter at 8, dancing with DJ sammybananas at 9, and free drinks as long as they last.

Hope to see you there!

Pretty excited about this!

Yayyy I’m excited for da BBF!!


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