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Pleased to meet you. I am a creator, writer, visionary, and (depending on my sleep pattern the night before) a descendant of Orwell. I wish I was on a remote island right now, I can’t write effective stories during a semester, and if you watch closely you’ll see that I never talk before a thought.

Deep thought has brought me to my current state. I can’t stop it, which is why I wake up at odd hours (hello 5 am! What’s for breakfast?). It is my own belief that the more creative ideas roam around in my head (good or bad) the further I drift from reality.

I dream of living my dream yet my greatest fear is that I will settle for stability. Creativity disrupts stability, so I push for unrest; paddling to stay right but being pulled left.



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If you’re a writer and you see this post, stop what you’re doing.



Just one sentence. Stop blogging for one minute and write a single sentence. It could be dialogue, it could be a nice description of scenery, it could be a metaphor, I don’t care. The point is, do it. Then, when you finish, you can get back to blogging.

If this gets viral, you might just have your novel finished by next Tuesday.

Tangled in the locks of war, he lost his way.

True North

It was our dream to be here, 

yet I feel as though 

I was the one who was extremely serious. 

One must be nearly extreme, 


or borderline insane to 

make life altering decisions for dreams. 

Or maybe the sparrow lied, 

hiding behind beliefs that 

I’d wait,

go away,

or further move mountains to remain within distances of the asylum. 

If we’re all crazy,

but the sparrow viewed me as the Only 

then our cells float side by side in hurricanic tides, 

and it is her misunderstanding of perspective 

which voids her of truth. 

It was our dream to be here. 

The sparrow now nests in a land far from thee. 

It was our dream to dream here. 

I wonder if she still dreams. 

written by: E. L. Winston


James Lipton’s Warden Gentles to return to new season of Arrested Development

TV Guide has confirmed that the 86-year old host of Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio will reprise his role as prison warden Stefan Gentiles for at least one installment of the 14-episode revival season hitting Netflix all at once in May.

“I’m coming up pretty soon in one of the most talked about series in the history of television,” Lipton told TV Guide Magazine. “I’m back on Arrested Development — just brace yourself.” The character also briefly appeared in the sizzle reel shown to critics at the 2013 TCA press tour.


From my new home in Gotham City, I welcome you with hard love, a subway scowl, and later, a smile that can only be replicated near a Mr. Frosty ice cream truck. 

The flight up here was smooth. My mother will never understand my struggle for independence, and everything in New York City is not as advertised on television. 

I plan to drink lots of hot tea these next few days. I’m still battling a sore throat. 

Borrowing continued episodes of the male opera singer next door, I should be able to write tons from the comforts of my own room. 

I asked for this, now I have it; I am living in New York City. How crazy does that sound? 

I’ll end with this: yes, there is a larger collection of crazy people here than in most other cities, but it’s mainly because of the population. Nonetheless, when I tell locals I just moved they all say the same thing: 

"Welcome to New York!"

Robin Williams - Why I Smile

I don’t know how else to explain it: Robin Williams was my favorite. It was through watching Mr. Williams be himself that I knew it was ok for me to be me. People loved him because of his energy, kind heart, but more than anything else, people loved him because he was never afraid to share his joy with the world. 

For goodness sake, his films brought my discombobulated family together.

Mr. Williams, your spirit lives on through us all. I smile because there is nothing to frown about, and even in your darkest hour, I’m sure you did too. 

Carpe Diem 

- Randy Brown Jr. 

I have control over my life. I say something and I do it. I speak ideas into the air, act on them, and they come to life. We’re not talking about tying shoes. We’re talking about creating things that give people a crook in their neck. I’ve been eliminating doubt for a very long time now. Imagine, speaking something into existence… That scares people. No one can hold anything over my head or throw a road block at me, because they know I’ll find a way around it; every time. This scares people. I can do whatever I want. I want people around me to have that same confidence as well. I’m not saying that I’m invincible, but you’re damn sure not going to break me.

Randy Brown Jr. 

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