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Just a Thought

"Look around you. See the smiles, the laughs, and the comforts of everyone that holds you to the fire? They expect you to do exactly what someone in your position should do. It is their "duty" to enforce ideas and thoughts into your head, referencing consequences if you do not live up to their illusion, or fantasy, or some hyper-extended mold of the world they picture you in. 

Look around you. Ever wonder what would happen if you went against their norms, their ideas? They have a certain perception of you. You are who they want you to be. 

Look around you. Decide to make a decision without any outside influence and watch the dominoes fall. They don’t love you because they made you. Their love for you is based on the end product not the process, not the path you followed to get to where you are in the present, not your development which led to you being the person you are. 

Look around you and decide to be your own. Whether you do what’s expected or not, the world’s perception of you was formed from day 1. Have some fun with your life, and stop being restricted by the judgements of those around you. Trying to live up to others’ expectations is tiring, boring (emphasis on the boring), and borderline suicide. 

Make them gasp. Make them rethink what they think they think about you. 

Stand tall, speak loud, and smile if at all possible:

I am who I am. Tough luck if I’m not who you want me to be.” 

- Randy Brown Jr.

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